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Long Island's Top Choice For Commercial Fire Alarms!

 *Conventional & Addressable Systems


*UL Certified Central Station Monitoring

  *Scheduled Inspection Services 


*From Small to Large Businesses

When it comes to Fire Alarms, PROTECH understands the importance of protecting your business and assets from unexpected damage. Our team thoroughly inspects each new site to ensure that we provide the necessary equipment to meet your towns fire safety codes. Most commonly this will include devices for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection to name a few. From conventional takeovers to more modern addressable systems, we can provide the appropriate solution for your businesses needs. Our scheduled inspection services allow us to detect any defects within a system and have them immediately corrected to prevent further issues. Recent advancements allow us to offer more secure communication pathways, adding greater flexibility to each and every install. We monitor all of our fire systems in our UL certified central station, located in Suffolk County, NY, ensuring your business remains protected 24/7.

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Fire Alarm Systems Long Island
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