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A Smart Home Is A Safe Home!

  *Full Control At Your Fingertips


*Lighting, Thermostats, Locks & More

 *Integrates With Security System

*Customizable Alerts & Schedules

Expanding your home security system with automation features has never been easier. Take full control of your home, no matter where you are. Whether working late or on vacation, you can deter unwanted visitors by turning on lighting to appear as if you are home. You can even create schedules to turn on lighting at specific times or when an alarm event occurs. If a friend or family member arrives, you can easily allow access by remotely unlocking the door for them. Our video doorbell will allow you to see, hear, and speak to them before allowing entry into your home. If the temperature rises or its starts getting cooler, you can adjust the thermostats to ensure your home is cozy by the time you arrive. Experience all of these features and more with the easy-to-use Total Connect app on your mobile device. 

Call us to learn more about these products and schedule a free estimate today!

Honeywell Home Automation Long Island
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